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Home arrow News arrow After Ten Years, Living Buddha Lian Sheng and Jigme Lhundup Rinpoche Meet Again
After Ten Years, Living Buddha Lian Sheng and Jigme Lhundup Rinpoche Meet Again PDF Print E-mail
Shi Zun and Jigme Lhundup Rinpoche
Shi Zun and Jigme Lhundup Rinpoche
On January 30th, 2007 @ 5:20pm, Jigme Lhundup Rinpoche (Kasur) arrived in Seattle to meet with Shi Zun, Living Buddha Lian Sheng, for the first time since their last meeting back in 1997.  Currently, Jigme Lhundup Rinpoche is living in Dharamsala, India and is one of the primary statesman of the Dalai Lama.  Under the Central Tibetan Administration, Jigme Lhundup Rinpoche held various key positions including Security Minister for the Department of Security, Speaker for the Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile, and Director of the Tibetan Research Center. The relationship between Shi Zun and Jigme Lhundup Rinpoche began in 1996 at a fire puja ceremony in Los Angeles.  They were able to meet two more times when Shi Zun was visiting various historical sites in India.  In the following year, Jigme Lhundup Rinpoche returned to Seattle to visit Ling Shen Ching Tze Temple and Rainbow Villa located at the foot of the North Cascades mountain range.

Jigme Lhundup Rinpoche was accompanied by two of his friends. They first paid their respects to the Seattle Ling Shen Ching Tze Temple where Shi Lian Hua De Hui (Lead Master for the temple) introduced them to Shi  Zun’s latest books and teachings.  Next, they all went to the Tantric Quarter where, after ten years, they were welcomed with great joy by Shi Zun, Living Buddha Lian Sheng, Shi Mu, Master Lian Xiang, Master Shi Lian Hua De Hui, Master Shi Lian Jie, Master Shi Lian Man, Master Shi Lian Yin, and Master Shi Lian Wang.  Shi Zun and Jigme Lhundup Rinpoche exchanged hatas and gifts as traditional signs of respect.  Since Jigme Lhundup Rinpoche does not speak Mandarin, he prepared his topics in advance and wrote them in a letter which he later presented to Living Buddha Lian Sheng.

He first offered his most sincere gratitude to Shi Zun for his continuous kindness to the Qing Hai Buddhist temple restoration project, especially for the Re Gong Long Wu Monastery and its Manjushri Bodhisattva Hall.  He later extended an invitation on behalf of the Long Wu Temple for Shi Zun, Living Buddha Lian Sheng, to visit in the future.  Jigme Lhundup Rinpoche later presented another two gifts:  an artbook containing precious photos of Long Wu Temple and another book introducing the various Tibetan Buddhist temple sects in the beautiful province of Qing Hai.

Shi Zun mentioned a number of famous monasteries in Qing Hai.  There is the Ta’er Monastery, which is part of the Yellow Sect, the Long Wu Temple, which is part of the Gelupa sect, and the Na Pu Lin Temple located in Gan Su province. 

Shi Zun however did mention that he would welcome the Dalai Lama if he were to come to Seattle.  Shi Mu later shared numerous photos from the January 14th, 2007 Kalachakra Ceremony that was hosted by the Taiwan temple.  Jigme Lhundup Rinpoche complimented this grand ceremony with its great significance and auspiciousness as Shi Zun continues to transmit this grand teaching and rescue people from suffering.  If Shi Zun and the Dalai Lama could host a ceremony together, it would decrease the calamities around the world and increase world peace; that would be so good!  Shi Zun says that if the ceremony could be held in Seattle or Taiwan then that would be good too. 

Shi Zun says True Buddha School has over forty temples.  The Taiwan Temple is bigger than the Seattle temple.  However, Shi Mu says that even though the Seattle temple is small, it is the center of development for True Buddha School and the True Buddha Dharma is spread from here.  They conversed together so happily they did not realize it was dinner time.

On the way to the library, Shi Zun asked about Jigme Lhundup Rinpoche’s health.  During discussion at dinner, Jigme Lhundup Rinpoche asked what can be substituted for meat.  Shi Mu mentioned egg, milk, beans, and fish, and later she explained how to make tofu.  Following the (sumptuous) wonderful dinner, Shi Zun invited Jigme Lhundup Rinpoche, along with others, to participate in Tai-Chi and everyone happily participated together.  After Tai Chi, Shi Zun Living Buddha and Jigme Lhundup Rinpoche posed together for a photo in front of the temple alter.  Afterwards, everyone gathered as Shi Zun, Living Buddha Lian Sheng said to Jigme Lhundup Rinpoche, “See You Soon!”

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