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In the ten schools of Buddhism, `Zen`, `Vinaya` and `Tantric` emphasize the importance lineage transmission, within which Tantric stresses on it the most. The Tantric practitioner relies on the Dharma Stream from the lineage power. Under the blessing of the empowerment, the  practitioner will attain all sorts of merits and accomplishments; furthermore, leading him to the Ultimate Perfection. One will not receive any yogic response if not blessed with the lineage transmission. Thus, every Tantric practitioner should treasure his lineage transmission empowerment like how he treasures his life.

In the book titled Master on the Himalaya Mountain by Lama Master, there is a very important chapter: a Master climbed up to a tree and found a beehive. He said to the bees, `Don`t bite me, don`t bite me.`, and he managed to land safely without any disturbance from bees. His disciple was amazed by the scene and asked him, `What did you do to the bees so they done bite you?` The Master replied, `Just remember this ?when you are on the tree, tell the bees `don`t bite me`, then they will obey you`. The disciple really followed what the Master said, climbed up to the same tree, and said to the bees, `My Master taught me to tell you not to bite me`. Surprisingly, all bees really obeyed him and gave him full co-operation. The disciple was so happy and he intended to share this with others, `You climb up to the tree and tell the bees `don`t bite me`, then the bees will follow exactly what you ordered`. After listening to the disciple, people happily climbed up to the same tree and ordered the bees not to bite them. Unfortunately, they were succumbed to a serious injury of bee-bite.

Why did the same `order` produce different results? This is because of the matter of validity of empowerment given by the Guru that acts on different people differently. A Tantric practice will only be effective if it is taught and blessed by Guru.

With the same concept in mind, if anyone, without the lineage transmission and empowerment, attempts to practices Grand Master`s cultivation from the printed liturgy, the cultivation will be unavailing . That is the reason why in Tantric Buddhism teachings, even a single visualization, or a mantra, or a mudra, requires Guru`s personal guidance and empowerment. With the empowerment and lineage transmission, one can receive yogic response from the cultivation effortlessly.

When Master Milarepa was learning Tantric practices from Lama Ngokpa, he was unable to achieve yogic response at all. Finally, when Master Marpa empowered him, he achieved the yogic response right away. It was because Lama Ngokpa was a disciple of Master Marpa as well. Though Lama Ngokpa taught the same practice as Master Marpa did, Milarepa was lacking of the empowerment from his Root Guru Master Marpa. Here proves again, only with the lineage transmission and empowerment from the Root Guru, the power of cultivation will be manifested. This again shows the importance the lineage transmission.

The Greatness of True Buddha School

True Buddha SchoolTrue Buddha School`s lineage transmission is the greatest. True Buddha School has the perfect lineage transmissions from:

Vajrayana (Tantric) Buddhism Nyingmapa, Kagyudpa, Gelupa, Sakyapa, and the Universe.

The perfect Root Guru: Living Buddha Lian-Sheng, the Great Enlightened Vajra Acharya. 

The most precise and concise cultivation liturgy: True Buddha Tantric cultivation (inclusive of the core practice of Sutrayana, Zen and Vajrayana) with complete and accurate sequence.

The most suited-to-nowadays fashion: As predicted by Guru Padmasambhava long time ago, when the `metal-bird` (i.e. the airplane nowadays) starts hovering in the air, the Tantric Buddhism will be popularized. (Up to now, over hundreds of people taking refuge under True Buddha School every day, and True Buddha School chapters are all over the world)

Anybody, who takes refuge under True Buddha School and cultivates with full faith, will be assured of attainment of true empowerment in the shortest time. One`s karma hindrance accumulated from the immemorial past will be eradicated and one will be released from the worries and gain the true joy in the Samadhi, the eternal `Silent Bliss`.

The Sequence of Lineage Transmission of Taking Refuge, Imparting Knowledge and Empowerment

The sequence of lineage transmission involves `Taking Refuge`, `Imparting Knowledge` and `Empowerment`. For the rules in `Taking Refuge`, those who have taken refuge under Grand Master are not allowed to take the same refuge under any Vajra Masters in the same school. Vajra Masters in the same school should not accept Grand Master`s students as theirs as well. This can be a very serious confusion in the sequence of lineage transmission. For True Buddha School disciples, they are not prohibited from taking refuge under other Buddhism branches? Vajra Masters, Rinpoche, Living-Buddha and etc. However, by doing this, they will lose the lineage transmission from the True Buddha School.

For the rules in `Imparting Knowledge`, one Tantric practice could be empowered by different Vajra Masters. But, if the empowerment has been given by Grand Master, then ones should not accept the same empowerment from any other Vajra Masters, else ones? empowerment will be depreciated to the Vajra Master`s level, which is not of Grand Master`s. This rule applies the same on other empowerments and blessings.

Grand Master taught quite a numbers of Tantric practices. Grand Master LuGenerally chapters tend to hold different prayer and empowerment ceremonies and every disciple will receive more than 10s empowerments in a certain time after taking refuge. They are suggested to take down the information of the empowerment. e.g. empowerment title, characteristics (blessing, mantra reciting, or Tantric cultivation), Vajra Master`s name, date and venue.

Fourfold Refuge Mantra and the Genuine Lineage Transmission Empowerment

The Tantric practitioner cultivates according to the transmission lineage, which is our Root Guru and, from this constant, the Tantric practitioner attains the power. i.e. the reliance power towards Root Guru Grand Master. Root Guru is extremely important as all Tantric cultivations are imparted from Him. As we know, the same Tantric cultivation could be found different in other Buddhism branches in terms of the mudra, mantra and visualization. Nevertheless, as long as we adhere precisely to the liturgy taught by Grand Master, then we would be guaranted to get the reliance power towards Grand Master and his empowerment towards yogic response. Bear in mind, do not piece together different parts from elsewhere liturgies to form your cultivation liturgy, it will lead to losing the lineage transmission empowerment.

Everyone who takes refuge under Grand Master will gain lineage transmission empowerment from Him, but that is only the formality. In the Four Preliminary Practices, the Fourfold Refuge Mantra `Namo Guru Bei, Namo Bu Da Ye, Namo Da MoYe, Namo SengJieYe` is the only way to generate true lineage transmission empowerment, but this mantra is always neglected by most disciples. Reciting Fourfold Refuge Mantra at least 100 thousand times or until achieving yogic response will help to gain the true lineage transmission empowerment, which is the foundation for all Tantric practices.

Tantric practices isn`t difficult. In facts, taking refuge with full sincerity will assure ones to attain the reliance and the blessing power from Grand Master. Also, following precisely and practicing diligently Grand Master`s teachings will ensure us to achieve yogic response and later perfect enlightenment. It`s just that simple!

Without sacrificing our times and money, needless to visit all temples and Dharma teachers all over world, and don`t even require us to browse through the complicated sutras and different teachings, we are given full bright guidance on the way towards enlightenment.

Sometimes, you might find that, just simply practice, with full faith, you will reach your aim faster.

Source:  TBSN.org
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